About college

The college was established in 2007 and is considered one of the leading colleges in its field. The college offers a bachelor’s degree in the following disciplines: Law - Sharia and Law - Diplomatic Studies. The program aims to prepare specialized legal competencies. The college works to encourage faculty members and students to engage in serious and distinguished scientific research that focuses on quality to keep abreast of developments and developments in various branches of law. The college also aims to urge students to actively participate in its various programs and activities.

The message

Preparing distinguished students at the scientific and practical level, armed with the legal skills required for the labor market and serving their communities.


1- Graduating sufficiently distinguished students in various fields of law. 2- Employing legal information in the theoretical and practical aspects. 3- Encouraging research activities for faculty members and students. 4 Strengthening the principle of the rule of law. 5- Instilling a spirit of belonging to and serving the community

Academic programmes