University Origins

The yayasan sekolah tinggi ilmu dan teknologi arab is a private, and the university has begun to practice its scientific activities in the academic year 2013 and currently the university includes the following faculties:

  • College of Business and Banking Sciences.
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • College of Languages and Humanities.
  • Faculty of Law and Diplomatic Studies

The yayasan sekolah tinggi ilmu dan teknologi arab is distinguished by its existing study programsCurrently, it has been prepared by a group of qualified faculty and by its selection of competenciesDistinguished teaching, closely related to the new in the humanitiesApplied and able to use a variety of educational strategies coordinated with diversityAbilities for university students to help them in cognitive and scientific growth, and balancepersonality in its many aspects.The study in the various departments of the university’s faculties is also characterized by the limited numbers of its studentsEach division, enabling faculty members to perform their duties to the fullestIt helps students to make the most of the sciences and experiences of their professors in the classroomsLectures, laboratories and laboratories.University students are characterized by diversity in their abilities and experiences, in addition to the diversity of environmentsThe original culture in which they grew up, because the university includes students from YemenAnd from various Arab and Islamic countries.