The study system at the Arab University for Science and Technology is the semester system (first semester, second semester and summer optional semester). In light of this system, the academic courses consist of a number of components, namely:

University requirements: These include courses that all students enrolled in all faculties of the university must study and succeed in, for which (24) credit hours are allocated as follows:

Islamic culture3
English (102)3
Introduction to computer science3
computer applications3
Methods of scientific research and graduation project6

College requirements: They include the compulsory courses that all students enrolled in the concerned college must study and succeed in.

Department requirements (specialization): These include all courses necessary to study in a particular specialization, and all students enrolled in this specialization must study and succeed in it.

Duration of study and study load: The duration of study to obtain a university degree for a bachelor’s degree, as well as a diploma in all university faculties, is determined according to the approved scientific specialization.